Get Cheap ✾ Denon ASD-3W Wifi Network iPod Dock (Black)

There are many great products on the market today, The Denon ASD-3W Wifi Network iPod Dock (Black) is one that you should have. The Denon ASD-3W Wifi Network iPod Dock (Black) is a high quality product that everyone can invest on. A lot of customers have a blast using this product. They are also amazed at how affordable the price is and yet does not lack quality features.

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  • iPod/networking client dock is wireless Wi-Fi certified
  • Playback music or photo files from your PC or music server
  • Access over 7000 radio stations using the "vTuner" service
  • Analog audio and S-video ports
  • IR remote control in black

The Denon ASD-3W iPod network client device now allows an iPod to be connected to a home network system either through an Ethernet port or by wireless connection. MP3 files and non-protected AAC Audio files from an iPod can then be streamed for listening over your home network. Additionally, viewing video pictures with video compatible iPods is also possible. The ASD-3W is DNLA certified and is PlaysForSure compliant for ease of setup and use. The standard D-dock port is also supplied for current model receiver integration and is compatible with previous receiver models that have the Denon D-dock port for command and control. The iPod will also stay charged while docked in the ASD-3W keeping it ready to go. A remote is also supplied with the ASD-3W for use with non-Denon systems.

 Denon ASD-3W Wifi Network iPod Dock (Black)

Cheap Denon ASD-3W Wifi Network iPod Dock (Black)

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