Best Deal ✾ iPort FS-4 Free Standing iPod Docking System (white)

There are lots of great products on the market, The iPort FS-4 Free Standing iPod Docking System (white) is one that you should have. The iPort FS-4 Free Standing iPod Docking System (white) is a high quality product that everyone can invest on. Most people who have purchased and used this product are very impressed with its overall performance. With its budget-friendly price and stunning features, this is definitely a great buy for people who are looking a high quality product that their budget can afford.

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  • Delivers local-zone unbalanced audio and video from the iPod (up to 25 feet)
  • Connects to a computer, allowing transfer of content to the iPod while it is docked; charges iPod while docked
  • Allows control of track playback or iPod volume via buttons on the iPort free-standing unit; also allows line-of-sight IR remote control of iPod functions (remote not included)
  • Delivers long-distance balanced audio from iPod (up to 500 ft); allows extensive long-distance RS-232 control of iPod functions with 2-way communication (requires compatible 3rd-party controller)
  • Includes: iPort dock (with multi-function buttons and IR control capability); advanced connection box (with RS-232 capability); iPort balanced audio sender wallplate; iPort balanced audio receiver wallplate; 6.5 ft double cable; RS-232 cable (RJ-11-to-DB-9 connections); 15V DC regulated power supply

The iPort FS is a free-standing docking system that allows an Apple iPod to become part of a whole-home audio system, and/or to be used as a source in a variety of local audio systems. The iPort Dock can be placed on a desk, table or other convenient location, allowing quick and easy insertion of an iPod, and connects the iPod to both the audio/video system and the user's computer. By pressing a single button on the iPort the user can change the iPod from the streaming (listening) mode to the music transfer mode, allowing the transfer of content from the computer to the iPod. The iPort Dock can accommodate the following iPod models: iPod mini, iPod with dock connector, and iPod photo. From the factory it is set-up for any iPod model larger than 30GB with a dock connector.

 iPort FS-4 Free Standing iPod Docking System (white)

Best Price iPort FS-4 Free Standing iPod Docking System (white)

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