Best Offer ✾ Sumiko Pro-Ject Dock Box (Silver)

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  • Provides iPod intergration with Pro-Ject Boxes or Other Audio Components.

The Pro-Ject iPod Dock Box features a highly shielded metal chassis that interfaces iPods using a 30-pin docking connector (3rd generation Nano only). When docked, the iPods audio output drives a buffered pair of RCA jacks into a Pro-Ject preamp, power amp or any other line-level accepting component. A USB output allows for connection and synchronization with your computer. Additionally, an S-Video jack handles the iPods video signal output interface to a video display. A compact remote control is included that allows adjustment of all playback functions (including repeat and shuffle) and menu navigation. A robust outboard power supply delivers highly stable AC voltage for quality sound and performs charging for the iPod when docked. 4-Inch width x 1.5-Inch Height x 5.6-Inch depth; weight 1.3 lbs. Silver finish.

 Sumiko Pro-Ject Dock Box (Silver)

Cheap Sumiko Pro-Ject Dock Box (Silver)

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