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There are many great products on the market today, The Xdock for iPod is one that you should have. The Xdock for iPod is a popular product that everyone can invest on. Most people who have purchased and bought this product are very impressed with the quality results. They are also amazed at how affordable the price is and yet does not lack quality features.

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  • With X-Fi Crystalizer restore detail and vibrance to compressed music such as MP3s and iTunes
  • Surround sound from stereo music, movies and TV shows with X-Fi CMSS-3D.
  • Digital DTS audio connection to home theater receivers. Send DTS surround sound to your home theater system through a single optical cable.
  • Built-in wireless music streaming technology gets music into more rooms of your house easy.
  • Remote control for music and movie playback. Play, pause and skip through all your music and movies with the wireless remote control.

Put your iPod at the heart of your home entertainment system! Xdock features built-in X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity® audio technology that restores detail and vibrance to compressed music like MP3s and iTunes during playback, so your music sounds richer and fuller. X-Fi also expands plain stereo music and videos into a full surround sound experience. Plus, Xdock sends the music from your iPod to X-Fi Wireless Receivers that you can place in other rooms of your home (X-Fi Wireless Receivers sold separately).

 Xdock for iPod

Cheap Xdock for iPod

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