Cheap ✾ Tivoli Audio iSongBook Portable Music System for iPod (Black/Silver)

With so many great products on the market Tivoli Audio iSongBook Portable Music System for iPod (Black/Silver) is our recommendation for you. The Tivoli Audio iSongBook Portable Music System for iPod (Black/Silver) is a excellent product and we are pleased with its quality. People who have purchased and used this product are very satisfied with overall performance. They are also amazed at how affordable the price is and yet does not lack quality features.

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  • Integrated Flip Down Docking Station Fits All Dockable iPods
  • High Fidelity Stereo Sound with Detachable Speaker for 6ft of Separation
  • Recharges iPod and Recharges NiMH/NiCAD Batteries for Portable Use
  • Remote Control of iPod with Play List Management, Wake to iPod/AM/FM/Beep Tone
  • Exceptional AM/FM Tuner for Precise Reception in North America and World Wide use.

For those who want great sounding music at home or wherever they go, Tivoli Audio introduces the iSongBook in high tech Black/Silver, its newest music system with universal flip-down dock specifically made for the Apple iPod. The universal flip-down dock will fit all dockable iPod models including Nano, and recharges the iPod when docked. It comes with a detachable matching secondary speaker for true stereo sound and 6' audio cable for proper room positioning with rewind mechanism for cable management. The supplied remote control operates both the iPod with play list management, volume, illumination, mute and more and the iSongBook. It features a highly sensitive digital AM/FM tuner for North America and for use in Europe and a 9k/10k switch for AM reception outside North America. Includes manual tuning and 5 AM and 5 FM favorite station preset buttons with a seek function. It also features an on demand blue backlit LCD display that shows the station tuning as well as the digital clock, whose functions include alarm and 20-minute sleep timer that can be set to wake or fall to sleep to an iPod as well as radio. Auxiliary input and stereo headphone output are positioned in the rear, complete with rubber covers to protect them from the elements, dust and dirt when not in use. The iSongBook operates on standard AA alkaline batteries or NiMH/NiCad rechargeable batteries with the unit's built-in charger; or by a supplied AC adaptor or 12V power source. It measures just 6-3/16 H x 11-1/16 W x 2-3/16 D.

 Tivoli Audio iSongBook Portable Music System for iPod (Black/Silver)

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