Get Special Deal For ✾ DreamGear i.Sound Audio Vault (Black)

If you are looking for a high quality product, then The DreamGear i.Sound Audio Vault (Black) is one that you should have. The DreamGear i.Sound Audio Vault (Black) is a excellent product and we are pleased with its quality. Most reviewers who have tried this product are very satisfied. Most of them noted how happy they are that they have finally found the right product..

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  • Combination iPod speaker system/case with black cover
  • Protects any iPod from dents, scratches, and other hazards
  • Pair of rear micro drivers with bass boost for rich sound output
  • Hard-shell exterior with cushioned cover for extra durability
  • Integrated "wake-me" alarm; runs on 2 AA batteries; 120-day warranty

Features 2 built-in drivers, bass boost and a wake me to music alarm feature. Protects your iPod and is compatible with all iPod models.

 DreamGear i.Sound Audio Vault (Black)

Best Price DreamGear i.Sound Audio Vault (Black)

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