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Model Number :0137
Enjoy your favorite music anywhere while protecting your valuable iPod with the soundmaster Express! This dual-function carrying case delivers your audio with full, rich clarity directly from its built-in speaker. Just connect the stereo mini-jack to your iPod or MP3 player for instant sound without the need for earphones. The device also works with a variety of other devices, such as MP3s and CD players, desktop computers and laptops via mini-jack connection. The reinforced zippered tote safely holds your iPod in place during transport, while the clear window allows easy access to all controls. The SoundMaster Express by Excalibur is really two great items in one. First, it's a beautiful carrying case for your iPod or iPhone, that lets you safely take your music anywhere with you. More importantly, the Express has a built-in, high-quality speaker that plays your music with crystal-clear clarity. It is compatible with all iPod's, iPhones and MP3 players and will virtually perform with any device with a mini-jack output (headphone jack) A protective Velcro compartment secures your iPod or MP3 player and a convenient control window makes it easy to view and change what you are listening to. It comes complete with a strap with 2 ways to carry a wrist strap or shoulder strap for easy and comfortable portability. Requires '9V' battery (not included)



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